Fun in the Chesapeake Bay Region

Fun in the Chesapeake Bay Region

[headline]Enjoy the Chesapeake Bay Region[/headline]

There’s so much to do in the Chesapeake Bay area.  Explore the area’s cities and towns; visit a park or wildlife refuge; attend a festival; go fishing; or go boating. Whatever you choose, get out there and have some fun!

[headline]Chesapeake Bay Boating[/headline]

fishing-boatThe Chesapeake offers waters suitable for all types of boating. Learn to sail in the protected waters of the tributaries, or cruise the wide-open waters in the middle of the Bay.  Shallow marshy area and meandering creeks are excellent places to explore in a kayak or canoe. And fishing is good just about everywhere.

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[headline]Chesapeake Bay Fishing[/headline]

fishing-boy-300Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is excellent. The variety of fish available provides a challenge for every level of fisherman.

You can fish the Chesapeake from a dock or fishing pier, or get out on the water. There are lots of charter fishing boats available for hire too.


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[headline]Events and Festivals[/headline]

onancock-kayak-race2The towns and cities around the Chesapeake Bay region host a variety of events and festivals throughout the year.  Outdoor festivals are particularly popular.  Even the smallest towns fill with people and activity during the big annual events.

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[headline]Explore the Region[/headline]

chesbaymap-small-2There are both large cities and tiny towns to explore along the shores of the Chesapeake.  All the destinations featured on this site are accessible by boat, but all but a few can also be accessed by road.

The bigger cities such as Baltimore and Norfolk give you all the entertainment, dining and shopping you’d expect to find in a city, with a waterfront setting. The regions many smaller towns offer visitors a variety of attractions including shops, dining, theaters, beaches, and marinas.

Pick a city or town and start exploring!

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