Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports


There are multiple online Chesapeake Bay fishing reports available to choose from.

Follow the links below for reports from state agencies, fishing shops, charter captains, newspapers, and more.

Fishing Reports List:

Maryland Chesapeake Bay and Tributaries Fishing report provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  Fishing reports for Maryland waters updated weekly.

Maryland Angler’s Log. User-submitted fishing reports with photos at the Maryland DNR website.

Tidal Fish.  Fishing reports include Maryland and Virginia portions of the Chesapeake Bay.

PilotOnline.  The Hampton Roads newspaper’s online edition includes fishing forecasts and fishing reports in their “Outdoors” section.

Angler’s Sport Center Report.  Detailed reports from Anglers Sports Center in Annapolis.

Chris’ Bait and Tackle Fishing Reports.  Reports from Cape Charles, Virginia on the southern Eastern Shore.

Captain Hogg’s Fishing Report.  Regular reports from a Chesapeake Bay charter operating out of Hampton, Va.

Crabbe’s Fishing Reports. Reports from a lower Chesapeake Bay fishing charter operating from Virginia’s Northern Neck.

Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle Fishing Reports.  New reports are posted every week or so.  Excellent blog posts with lots of fishing details.

Dr. Julie Ball Weekly Report.  Chesapeake Bay and off-shore reports.

Green Top Fishing Report.  Saltwater and freshwater reports from Green Top Fishing and Hunting in Ashland, VA

Charlie Taylor’s Report.  Detailed report covering the Bay and tributaries.

More Fishing Information

Recommended Chesapeake Bay Fishing Books

Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake
This very popular guide to fishing the Chesapeake Bay covers each region of the Bay, tells you what you’re likely to find there and how best to catch it. The book takes three approaches to covering Chesapeake Bay fishing. First it provides regional guides for the Upper, Middle and Lower Chesapeake Bay. Next it covers tactics and tackle.  And last there are sections for 20 different sport fish.  The book has lots of tips, detailed information and observations throughout.

Field Guide to Fishes of the Chesapeake Bay
This new guide, published in March of 2013, provides information about over 200 species of the fish that live in the Chesapeake. A good reference for fishermen, but also very interesting for anyone who lives around and likes to explore the Bay. There are color illustrations of each species.

Trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish

This book will help you get the most out of Striped Bass season. This guide tells you what you need to know about outfitting your boat for trolling, selecting the best lures and lines, and the most effective trolling speeds and patterns.

The Author, Pete Barrett, is an experienced charter boat operator who’s fishing articles have been featured in many national publications.

The Ultimate Guide to Striped Bass Fishing: Where to Find Them, How to Catch Them

Details on how to catch Striped Bass by surfcasting, bait fishing, trolling, and fly-fishing.  With the tips provided by the author and a better understanding of the rockfish’s biology, life cycle, and habits, you’ll be well-armed to go out and catch your limit. The author, Eric B. Burnley Sr has over 40 years of experience with striped bass fishing and is an accomplished writer and guide.