Crisfield, Maryland

Crisfield, Maryland

Visiting Crisfield

Crisfield is very much a Chesapeake Bay town. Located in southern Somerset County, Maryland, at the mouth of the Little Annemessex River at Tangier Sound, the town is bordered by water on three sides.  Crisfield’s history is based in the seafood industry and the town features excellent seafood restaurants.  Home to the annual National Hard Crab Derby, Crisfield is proud of its ties to the Chesapeake Bay.

Somers Cove Marina


Crisfield boasts one of the largest marinas on the East Coast, Somers Cove Marina, with 450 slips.  In addition to having lots of transient slips, Somers Cove’s charter boats and head boats are ready to take you out on a fishing adventure.

Charter and head boat fishing opportunities are plentiful in Crisfield. Fishing is a primary form of recreation in this area and you’ll see lots of boats headed out into the Bay. Make arrangements for a charter or head boat (group fishing boats that charge by the person or “head”) and you’re bound to have a good time.

A City Built on Oyster Shells

A good part of Crisfield was actually built on oyster shells.  Early homes were built on pilings over marshy land, but through the years that low-lying marshland was filled with oyster shells.  Today’s town, from about mid-town to the town docks, plus the locations of many of the packing houses, are all sitting on a man-made bed of shells.  Read more about Crisfield’s history.

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