Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cake

The State Dessert of Maryland

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smith-island-cake-2bYum! Cake lovers from all over enjoy these 10 layer cakes made on Smith Island.  With impossibly thin layers of cake and icing stacked high, Smith Island cakes are a real treat.

This cake, made by the ladies of Smith Island for years, has been know to as a special treat to residents of the Eastern Shore for some time.  Now, Maryland has named the Smith Island cake as the official state desert, giving the sweet treat statewide and even national recognition.

Traditional Smith Island cakes has yellow cake and chocolate icing, but the cakes are available in other flavors including chocolate peanut butter and orange.  These cakes manage to cram 10 layers of cake and icing into a cake that is only about three inches tall.  Unlike many multiple layered cakes that are made by slicing layers in half, Smith Island cake layers are baked individually.

In addition to the multiple layers of very thin cake, the Smith Island cake icing sets this cake apart from your run of the mill layer cake.  The layers of icing are thin, to match the cake layers, and this achieved in the traditional chocolate version of the cake by using a cooked chocolate fudge icing.

Smith Island Cake Recipes

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Want to try to make a Smith Island cake at home? Here are a couple recipes for adventurous cooks to try.  Or, if you want to leave the baking to the experienced cooks on Smith Island, information on ordering a cake is provided below.

Recipe from Mrs. Kitching’s Smith Island Cookbook

Recipe for a chocolate Peanut Butter version from Savoir

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Order a Smith Island Cake

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You can try to make a Smith Island cake at home, but chances are it won’t match up to the cakes made by the experienced folks on Smith Island.  Plus, a Smith Island Cake really needs to come from the island to be the real deal.  Several cake bakers on Smith Island will mail you a cake, or send it via ferry to Crisfield for pickup.

Bayside Inn Restaurant.  This Smith Island restaurant makes cakes and ships them to customers year around.

The Smith Island Baking Company.  Located in Ewell, on Smith Island.  Authentic cakes shipped to your door.

Smith Island Sweet Shoppe in Crisfield does mail order cakes.

The Original Smith Island Cake Company in Ocean City also has mail order items available.

Additional Smith Island Cake sources.  Several other Smith Island ladies will ship cakes off the island.  Their names and contact information are listed on the Smith Island and Crisfield Cultural Alliance website.

Visit Smith Island

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Why not take a trip to Smith Island to enjoy a slice of Smith Island Cake where it is made.  Plan a trip to Smith Island.


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